Businesses that conduct regular research on their target audience grow up to 10X faster and are almost 2X more profitable than businesses that don’t.


We conduct specialised and targeted research on behalf of a client and produce a final analysis of key findings

Marketing research services for professional services
Growth Study

Professional services firms that conduct regular research on their target audience grow up to 10X faster and are almost 2X more profitable than firms that don’t.

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At Virtu our research services are designed to provide you with all the data and insight you need to achieve your commercial and marketing goals. Our high-quality research services cover primary and secondary research methods that include:

  • Quantitative surveys

  • In-depth qualitative interviews

  • Desk research




  • Ideal for producing robust insights and large datasets

  • Great for measuring attitudes, opinions and behaviours

  • Critical for supplying data for benchmarking and indexing studies

  • Key to powerful PR

What we do:

  • Use of appropriate methodologies, samples, quotas and demographics

  • Survey design and questionnaires that will yield insightful findings

  • Management of the fieldwork process ensures robust data quality

  • Use of data analysis expertise to consistently deliver strong results and findings

  • Presentation of the findings that explain their implications



  • First-hand commentary

  • Increase awareness of your brand

  • Help to ensure a neutral tone on critical topics

  • Produce messages that can be used for PR

What we do:

  • Design interview programmes to support your goals

  • Source interviews from the most relevant key people

  • Conduct interviews using our experienced experts

  • Extract the quotes that support your messages, and get them approved

Desk Research


  • Useful alternative to surveys and can create a point of differentiation in a crowded content space

  • Give access to a wide variety of data sources

  • Predict emerging topics and themes

  • Add depth and rigour to findings by supporting primary research with real world context

What we do:

  • Social media sentiment analysis

  • Extracting and analysing large-scale data sets, including traditional media, social media and company information, to illustrate changing trends and patterns

  • Expertise in data collection

  • Combining secondary data with primary data (such as surveys) to generate more insight

  • Creating data visualisations – for print or for interactive digital tools – that bring findings to life

What will you learn?

Here are just some of the invaluable things you can learn through research:

  • How your clients really see you

  • How you compare to competitors

  • How you might differentiate your firm

  • What your hidden strengths are

  • Why your best clients choose you

  • What services your clients wish you would offer

  • Where your internal team misunderstand your clients

  • What your clients are not telling you?

  • Why your “got-aways” chose other firms

Research reduces risk

We see it again and again — businesses squandering their marketing budgets on ineffective strategies. And many waste golden opportunities when they deliver the wrong messages to their prospects. Research offers an answer. Virtu’s experienced team can uncover what issues your clients really care about and dramatically lower the risk of throwing away your marketing investment.

Dive into research today

It may be the best investment your organization ever makes.

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