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Citizen Engagement and Participation

Engaging citizens and mobilizing communities can help bring greater transparency, accountability, and social inclusion, which result in more sustainable development. It is through adequate engagement with citizens that context-specific and innovative solutions to challenges emerge. 

Introducing and strengthening citizenship rights that transcend social cleavages including race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion and location is crucial to adequate citizen engagement and participation. By engaging with citizens and removing barriers to inclusion can not only bring the state closer to citizens, but also helps eliminate social tensions among citizens, leading to stability and prosperity. 

At GRA, we work closely with states and non-state organisations as well as local communities to identify challenges and assist with formulating and implementing innovative solutions that are essentially a product of the local citizens.

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Alan Solomont

When citizens are actively involved in their civic and democratic institutions, their community and their nation are stronger, more just, and more prosperous.

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